Chris Cornell

I was scrolling through Instagram on Saturday when I came across this post from actress/singer/songwriter/wife of Tom Hanks Rita Wilson:

Of course, I immediately searched for her album on Apple Music and found the song and listened to it. And, subsequently, cried and cried and cried. I wouldn’t call the song a duet, exactly. Rita is fully the lead here, but Chris’s gorgeous timbre weaves in, out, and through her bright, honeyed voice so perfectly, that the resulting sound is almost ethereal. You wouldn’t think two such disparate musicians would blend together so well, but they do.

Listening to Audioslave or Soundgarden doesn’t always bring me to tears… not anymore, now that its been over two years since Chris Cornell’s death, but the lyrics of longing, combined with his tender tone of voice, make me think of what an incredible, creative, talented spirit he was, and how much he offered to the world while he was here with us. It breaks my heart that he was so troubled… so tortured… and that we couldn’t do anything to help him. Its so cruel that mental illness and addiction attack so many artists and creators.

Give the song a listen… it’s a special take on a classic love song and if you’re anything like me, will leave your heart both lighter and heavier. We miss you, Mr. Cornell.

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